Recipe for Disaster

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Adaex Publications
ISBN-13: 9789988573782


Hellen Ntale, a secondary school girl, is enchangted by riches and lpleasures of this world. Thought she has all the chances to escape from the monster of materialism that presents itself under the most deceitful guises, she refuses to listen to the promptings of her conscience. Insetead she succumbs to the allure of material comfort. Like the Biblical Satan, Susan, Hellen’s schoolmate and best friend, puts her family on the road to the easy pleasured that she so ardently desires and that leads here to an unexpected end.

Once Upon

So the Leaders went to their best storytellers and said: “We are letting the stories of our lives, our wit and our wisdom slip through our finders.” This is all the story tellers needed. This was all the singers, rattle and gong players needed! They had been waiting for the moment to pour ourt the treasure they had learnt from their own elders many, many, years ago!

And so it is that the stories in the series “Once Upon A Time In Ghana” have been generously shared by the people of Anyako, Dzelukpe, Have, Klikor, What a gift! Long may their tongues be oiled and long may our ears be greased.


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