One High School Adventure


Format: Paperback
Authour: Ethel Dede Mbrokoh
Publisher: Nissi Publications
ISBN-13: 9789988182960


Ama is a brilliant student who passes here examinations with excellent grades. She gains admission into her dram school but is unable to attend because of life’s uncertainties. She finally settles for a school whose infrastructure alone daunts here hopes of ever having the bright future she had always dreamt of.

It is here first time in the boarding house and she has cope with all bullying.

She falls in love with young boy and relationship takes its toll on her academic performance. Soon, it dawn on here that the relationship is costing here more than she can afford.

How easy is it for her to make the right decision and what is the outcome of here decision?

This is a must-read for all young people, both girls and boys as it reflects the true life situations that they encounter daily. It teaches them many truths about life and the impact that the choices they make have on their lives.


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