Mona’s World: Making Apples


Format: Paperback
Authour: Judith Green
ISBN-13: 9781927865019
Publisher: WTL International.



Mona’s World is a series about a delightful and curious girl who wants to know everything about everything. There is so much to learn: what things are, where they come from, what they do and Mona is anxious to find out.

Mona loves nature and discover that people, animals, water, air, land, plants, the sun and the moon affect each other and her too.

Join inquisitive mind and vivid imagination on adventures to a new and awesome world, Mona’s world.


Appletree tells about Mona about growing up in her backyard. Appletree and Mona finds out that they are similar in some ways. Mona learn a number of interesting things about Appletree, like why he doesn’t need shoes to get around.


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