Lost in the Forest


Format: Paperback
Authour: Ethel Dede Mbrokoh
ISBN-13:  9789988182977
Publisher: Nissi Publications


This book tells a story of a girl who went snail hunting and go t lost in the forest. A search is mounted fro here and she is found dumb in an old man’s hut.

The mystery that surrounds this old man is broken when upon interrogation ant the town’s durbar grounds he reveals his true identity – An impostor of a young man who peddled in drugs in the village.

The story identifies many challenges faced by families these days. Once again, the story drifts from our cosmopolitan society setting to the harsh living conditions on the streets, all the way to the villages.

Some cultural lessons are learnt but most importantly of all the child learns to tolerate others and to find reasons to understand their ways of life as well as their spiritual beliefs.

this book like many other good ones will leave readers with an all-round educational experience in terms of vocabulary, culture, religion and family life.


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