From Dispair to Hope


Format: Paperback
Authour: Abraham Gyesie
ISBN-13: 978998821310
Publisher: Health and Development Consult


The story of Papa Kofi and his Family is narrated in such a way that it covers virtually all the pertinent issues of HIV prevention and the human care for those infected and affected by the virus. The story and the information therein is presented in a format based on the traditional African concept of storytelling. The question and answer format in each chapter serves as a means of imparting knowledge, wisdom and skills in very simple language.

Every family need to have a copy of this book. Junior and Senior High Schools, Colleges and Universities may adopt it as a textbook or reader, as this will be an investment in the protection and development of our youth, upon whom the present and future largely depends. Managing directors, Heads of corporate organisations, Institutions, NGO’s, the Armed forces and security Personnel are encouraged to make this book available to their management, staff, workers, officers and men. It will prevent the loss of trained and skilled manpower to HIV/AIDS thereby guaranteeing sustainable development.

Youth Associations and groups in churches, mosques, political parties and in the communities will find this book a useful aid in helping their members to stay away from HIV and AIDS.


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