Enviro 1: Making It Personal

Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781449037543
Publisher: Author.


Every choice we make affects our environment, whether it’s the car we drive or the power we use in our home. Our choice have led to global warming and the depletion of earth’s resources.

Dismayed by the deteriorating state of the environment and invigorated by the teacher’s challenge to find sustainable solutions, a group of huge school students spur into action. Blue, Blossom and Prizurv collaborate with their distant friend Fawkast to form an organization to promote awareness and develop sustainable solutions. The students’ effort engulf them in the struggle to reclaim their Earth.

Their insight and experience from their summer vacation empower them to address environmental issues affecting water, air, soil, energy and consumable goods. With the help of Fawkast’s unique perspective from the developing world and the students’ own experience abroad, the group embarks on the adventure to save Earth. The heroes unite and form ENVIRO 1!


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