Format: Paperback
Authour: Daniella Sena Dagadu
Publisher: Innovation Books.


Long ago, there was a kingdom called Alleinad. It was considered the most special kingdom compared to all the other domains, due to the fact that, once someone joins the royal family, be it by birth or by marriage, he or she ceases to grow old physically, meaning, no wrinkles, no grey hair and now weakness. Because of this, the people were always joyful, until one day, the Kingdom met an unfortunate news, the Queen of the great Kingdom had died. At the time of her death, the King and his soldiers were at way. The king was so sad, but for the sake of his only son, Cyrus, he married another wife from among the slaves. The story continues with the adventures of Cyrus and his childhood friend, Esmeralda who gave birth to Danelsa, the pillar of this great tale.


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