The Mystery of the Haunted House


Format: Paperback
Authour: Ruby Yayra Goka
Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers.


“He continued reading about the different methods of grafting, about how to cut and store and protect scions and what the best time for planting was. The light from the troch beganto grow dim. Koku checked the time. It was almost midnight, he’d been reading for almos two hours. He had to sllep now or he would never wake up on time in the morning for his lessons. He was dozing off when he heard a sound and sat up. He couldn’t exactly say what it was but he’d heard it. He got out of bed and tiptoed to the hall. A light glowed dimly from the family room. Ws it the TV? His parents forbade theme from watching late night movies but occassonaly he and Sena disobeyed them and sneaked downstairs anyway.

But if it was the TV how come there was no sound? He stuck his head round the wall. Sena was behind the computer, here fingers pecking at the keyboard quickly. What was she doing? And who was she chatting with?”.


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